Our Facilities

Kainat International School has the following facilities on-campus, to provide a safer, healthier, and more productive learning environment for your children.


The school has IT lab that reflects its commitment to provide modern education for its students and promote productive use of new technologies for learning. The IT hardware, software and networks infrastructure provide an open-plan learning environment that has been designed to replicate office and studio environments.


The school boasts full and inspiring library, which plays an important role in the life of our school. Having a number of networked computers linked to printers and scanners, permits students not only to borrow books and literature, but also to have access to online, electronic libraries and a tremendous amount of information, for both academic interests and entertainment.


Most classrooms are equipped with multi-media projectors with interactive whiteboards and audio speakers and a PA system for the teacher to facilitate the use of technological advancement in teaching, such as Active –Teach packages and e-learning resources.


The school has a robust and fit for purpose laboratories in terms of design, layout and materials used. The laboratories have adequate furniture and fittings, It requirements, ventilation, storage, security, and safety to permit a wide range of teaching and learning approaches, including conducting practical experiments, while facilitating good classroom management and discipline. The laboratories are also conducive to learning in terms of temperature and lighting and have an adjacent preparation room that caters for high quality practical work.