• Students are expected to reach the school 10 minutes before the starting of the assembly. Students arriving late will not be allowed to enter the school premises without a reasonable explanation.
  • Disciplinary action would be taken against students who remain absent from school, on the day of closing/reopening of the school before/after vacations. Parents’ cooperation is essential in this matter.
  • Irregular attendance may lead to dismissal of students. Students should sompulsorily maintain a 75% attendance in each term for them to be eligible to thake the end of term assessment.
  • Relaxation of terms in this regard can be considered on genuine medical grounds and is subject to the sole discretion of the need of the school.
  • A child may be detained in the same class if he/she is absent for more than 40% of total number of working days. Absence for more than 50% of the total working days will not be considered even on medical ground.

A student can be suspended for a fortnight for truancy or bunking classes.