Kainat International School has shown active participation in the field of football. The school has tied-up with Kainat Football Club for the growth of school’s players. The school football team is the best in the district with 3 years of consecutive victory in the School games category both in the under 14 as well as under 17 category, The school team has gone up to national level and represented the school in football. Several players of the school team have reached various heights in terms of sports and are at a great position in their career as a footballer. The coach, Mr. Sharjeel Ahmad Kakvi is himself an alumnus of the school who represented the school in various championships and today is a FIFA certified grassroot educator and a licenced national coach helping other players realise their dreams. The school team has participated and won many prestigious school and government tournaments such as; Subroto Cup, School games federation of India, Daksh Championship, etc. The school team also participates in an international football tournament ‘Concord International’ and exhibits the classy game.

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