Mr. Shakil Ahmed Kakvi

(Founder Chairman, Kainat International School)

Chairman’s Message

A positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.’

Greetings to the principal, staff, students and parents of Kainat International School. It gives me immense pleasure that a new issue of the almanac is in your hands.

Educational institutions all around the world along with the aspirations of students and parents have undergone critical transformations with time. Schools these days are not meant to attain knowledge an information only, rather they are platforms for collaboration of thoughts and ideas.

We at Kainat International School have spared no effort to do everything possible for the holistic development of students, integrating all aspects, ranging from academics to sports to all other extra-curriculars.

The past year has gone by us being ecstatic to witness our students expanding their horizon and excelling in different arenas in and outside school. We measure our success only with the success of our children.

The meticulously nurtured learning environment here is stress free and fear free. It enables and encourages new ideas to flourish. Students are encouraged to persist in their quest for learning and acquire the requisite skills to excel in our information driven globalised world.

While every student follows the general curriculum, he or she is actively encouraged to develop talents and interests well beyond it. We proudly assert that the key features of NEP 2020 like experiential learning, multi-disciplinary approach, moving away from rote learning, 3600 report card and many more is already incorporated in our curriculum.

In the end I would like to assure you dear parents that we here are resolved that our school will always prove itself to be the place where everyone is precious and appreciated for his or her intrinsic qualities.

The environment here constantly endeavours to focus on the complete potential of each and every student and will strive to foster in each one an undying enthusiasm for lifelong learning. It is my ardent desire that our school will forever be the place where staff members, parents and even other stake holders synergize their resources and creativity to enrich the learning environment in which our children can holistically and fully develop their physical, intellectual, moral, emotional, social and spiritual capabilities.

Looking forward to receive your child into our care.