Clubs & Societies

Kainat International School has various clubs and societies specially curated for the growth of students in different aspects not only enhancing their life skills but also making them a responsible human

Science and environment Club

The Science and Environment club of the school ensures that the students realise their duties and responsibilities towards the planet. The member and the students involved in this club organise various campaigns and projects to ensure that they have the right motivation and inspiration to make this planet a better way to live. Plantation drives, Food and water for the birds, reducing plastic in the surrounding, switching to better alternatives for a healthy lifestyle are some of the projects taken up by the students for a green planet, clean planet

IT Club

Technology is an important factor of our lives today; hence it is necessary for us to be updated with the pace of the modern world. IT club of the school serves this purpose by ensuring that all its students are updated with the modern technology and are able to match with the pace of time

Kainat Poets Society

Kainat Poets Society is a society formed by the alumni of the institution who thought that how wonderful it would be if whole emotions could be expressed through words, the society comes together and has poetic evenings and also trains the students in building their vocabulary and being a poet in themselves.

Debate Club

We realise how important communication and verbal skills can be in today’s world, The debate club of the school trains the students to think logically and frame their thoughts in proper words and present them in front of people in such a way that it influences the audience. The debate club has various activities and workshops designed especially for students to work on their skills as a speaker and ultimately help them grow in a very important aspect of leadership.